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We are passionate about innovation. Our expertise in the energy sector has allowed us to craft innovative solutions with the aim to expedite informed decision making by presenting data, sourced from multiple providers, to energy market participants and data scientists in a form readily utilisable in analytical and trading models.

For executives we have gone a step further and partnered with a leading consultancy composed of a team of professional energy managers to provide intuitive visualisation of energy market fundamentals across Europe.


Maximise the value of your energy market data

We have devoted years of applied research and development in collaboration with leading European energy wholesalers to conjure up and refine an innovative platform that aims to be the repository of choice for all data related to energy market fundamentals: from physical flows to production outages, from spot and balancing market activity to the sampling of bid/ask tick level streams and versioning of forward curves and from meteorological data to metering.

Artesian allows you to maximise the value of available public data and of your own subscriptions by providing a dedicated, secure, highly available, always up to date repository presenting all your data sources in a conformed and readily comparable form.

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An intuitive and informative portal carefully designed around the needs of those working in the energy sector

K4VIEW is not only a desktop platform but also a mobile app on which you can keep up to date with market events thanks to news items and market analyses published throughout the day by Key to Energy consultants.

K4VIEW offers suites of components designed for the needs of different categories of users providing them with effective tools to make quick and well informed operational decisions.

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