We strive to ensure all our consultants are equally conversant with energy market domain knowledge and information technology topics.

This is our differentiator on the consulting marketplace. Of course our project managers will be less technical than our architects but everyone that works for ARK will marry a degree of knowledge of the energy business and of information technology aspects. This approach to training our consultants allows us to achieve equally effective communication with our clients when interacting with business users or IT practitioners.

Our consulting services span architecture, integration, project management, ad-hoc software development and cloud computing in the context of end to end business processes in the energy space.


We support our clients in day to day operations

Our objective is to build durable partnerships helping our clients to operate their systems. From energy trading to risk management, from energy retail to production and energy management we can count on an experienced team that can support you in day to day operational activities while assisting you to increase efficiency through automation and mutually agreed architecture changes. A typical outsourcing engagement will aim to:

manage the agreed scope of day to day operations within a pre-defined service level agreement

analyse process pain points experienced in operational activities

develop a strategy to increase operational efficiency and measure effectiveness of each agreed step

See what our consultants can do for you

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