Cloud based innovation, boutique consulting and knowledgeable outsourcing for the energy sector

Our mission is to help our clients derive information from unprecedented amounts of time series data by providing intuitive but technologically advanced tools designed specifically to make best use of the capabilities of cloud computing. To assist them in facing this challenge we provide targeted consulting and integration services based on our long standing end to end experience in the sector. We are extremely passionate about ensuring that our clients are able to extract the maximum value from our products and solutions and are delighted to stand by them in their day to day operational activities through our outsourcing vertical.

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A boutique consulting practice

combining end to end hands-on knowledge of energy market processes and underlying information technology landscapes with the capability to realise tailor made systems leveraging the latest technologies.

We build durable client partnerships

through our growing team focusing on application management and operational support services helping our clients to optimise their processes through increasing integration and automation.

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Integrated Technology for Energy Market Insight

Our products can conform, aggregate and visualise large amounts of energy market data from multiple sources across Europe. They can place all the necessary market fundamentals that you need daily to interact with the energy markets readily at your fingertips allowing you to build your own automated analytical and trading models or directly consult intuitively presented information and market commentary


Artesian is our response to the realisation of just how important timely data in a ready to use form is to energy market participants and data scientists.

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K4VIEW is an innovative web based consulting platform born from the business experience of Key to Energy consultants and our leading edge technology capabilities.

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Intuitive tools for the information economy

We strongly believe built for cloud business orientated software as a service (SaaS) can play a pivotal role in increasing our clients’ capabilities to extract value from data whilst at the same time reduce total cost of ownership. We constantly invest in research and development either internally or by partnering with academic institutions to look beyond the horizon of current possibilities and identify promising innovations to place on our roadmap. Our software lab is architecture led. We constantly scan emerging technologies, carefully selecting and adopting those that can add value to our products and consulting/outsourcing engagements by validating their effectiveness both from a technical and business point of view. Once proven we carefully embed them into our development lifecycle.


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